Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Preparing The Soil For Roses

Roses are a must have in gardens. Their beautifully colored flowers and incomparable fragrance make them a popular choice among gardeners. But these plants are as pretentious as they are beautiful. The soil that the roses are planted in is the most important factor for their health and growth. If you want to learn how to prepare the soil for roses, read the following lines.

Determine what type of soil you have

The perfect soil to grow roses in is loam, which is 50% water and air, the balance being made up of silt clay, organic material, and sand. Therefore, the first thing that you must do is to determine what type of soil you have and make amendments to get a loamy mix. If you have clay soil, you should add organic matter and gypsum to it. If you have sandy soil, you have to add organic material. In case the soil is very organic, you should add lime to increase its pH level.

Add organic materials

The next step after making amendments to the soil when you prepare it for roses is to add organic materials. The organic materials that you can use are compost or leaves and grass clippings. Till the organic materials into the soil in spring or fall. The best moment is to do it during fall because it allows the organic material to decompose all winter.

Dig and aerate the soil

If you have rose beds, use a spade to turn the soil in fall. Repeat this procedure in spring once again. When the roses grow, turn the soil over near them and loosen the roots as much as you can. Be careful when you do this to not damage the plants. By digging and aerating the soil regularly, you ensure that the roses have a healthy environment in which to grow.

Ensure a pH of around 6.5 for the soil

The perfect pH for the soil in which you plant and grow the roses is 6.5. Anything above or under will cause damage to these plants. To see what pH your soil has, test it with a home kit. Also, you can send it to a soil testing lab. If the soil proves to be too acidic, you can raise its pH level by adding lime. In case the soil is too alkaline, you should add garden sulfur.