Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Keep Your House Naturally Cool with Plants

Plants are known for their property of creating oxygen which helps improve the quality of the breathing air. But what few of us think about is the fact that cleaner and fresher air also means cooler air that is more comfortable to breathe. You will be surprised to find out that you can keep your house naturally cool with the following plants that create fresh and clean air.

Areca Palm Tree

This is one of the most common indoor plants that is not only extremely beautiful but also very efficient in creating clean air. It manages to adjust the indoor air humidity and acts as an air purifier as well that can remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air.


The popular fern can not only create cool air and add it humidity but it can also remove harmful toxins from the breathing air. Scientists believe that the fern is the most effective air-purifying plant that can significantly improve the quality of the air. The Boston fern, in particular, is highly efficient in eliminating toxins from the air and cooling it by creating more fresh air.

Aloe Vera

Another popular plant that most of us happen to have at home is Aloe Vera. Besides the miraculous healing properties of this amazing plant, you can add the air-cooling effect and the power to remove the harmful formaldehyde from the air. Place the aloe in your bedroom and you will enjoy a more restful sleep.

Snake Plant

Also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, this is another plant with proven air-cooling and purifying effects. It can create oxygen to make the air at home safer for breathing and it can also absorb numerous toxins from the air, including smoke.

Baby Rubber Plant

This plant is not very demanding when it comes to growing and it can offer endless benefits that will convince you to have it at home. It creates plenty of oxygen that cleans and refreshes the air and manages to cool the air while making it safer for breathing.

Ficus Tree

Many of you might have a ficus tree at home because it’s beautiful and imposing. In hot days, bring it closer to you because it can lower the air temperature and remove many air pollutants.

To maximize the effects of your air-cooling plants, use a tower fan to spread the cool air around the room. The tower fan is slim and compact so you can place it near the plants and its oscillating feature will ensure the cool air reaches every corner of the room.