Thursday, January 18, 2018
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How to Grow Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers are the embodiment of beauty and delicacy and can become the centerpiece of any garden as long as you know how to take proper care of them. There are numerous species of exotic flowers and not each one can be adapted to a regular growing environment but, with some luck and the help of some growing tips, you can manage to have stunning exotic flowers in your own garden.

Learn more about the plants

The first rule in growing exotic plants is to do some research and see what are the needs of a particular plant. Although some plant growing tips work for many types of plants, there are things that only some species require. Before making a step in growing your exotic flower, see what it needs to thrive in your garden. Exotic plants need to have space so you must look for large containers to grow them in. Don’t crowd them next to each other and if you want to obtain a more colorful assembly, plant colorful annual flowers at the base of the container.

Watering tips

Watering is essential, as in any other plant, and you must keep the soil moist but not drowned in water. For proper watering, install an irrigation system for potted plants with drip emitters that will add water to each plant pot. The large containers you picked for your exotic plants will make sure you won’t have to water the flowers too often as the large amount of soil will stay moist for a longer time.

Offer them enough light

Exotic flowers need strong light every day because they are used to bright sunlight. The best flowers are obtained if the plants sit in the sun most of the day so they will absorb all the light they need. Keep your exotic flowers in direct sunlight for 4 hours every day, if possible. If your garden can’t provide the exotic flowers bright light, use led grow lights that mimic the light coming from the sun and encourage each growing stage of the plants.

Apply fertilizer

Being more demanding, the exotic flowers will also require some fertilizer that will boost their growth and will guarantee brightly colored flowers. Fertilize them every week with a bloom-booster formula with a large middle number like 10-30-10.