Thursday, January 18, 2018
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How to Create the Perfect Environment in a Greenhouse

Growing plants inside a greenhouse can be very tricky as you need to make sure your plants enjoy the same growing environment they would if they grew outdoors. When it comes to growing plants, there are three ambient details that need to be taken into account and these are light, temperature, and humidity. Luckily for you, there are many devices that can help you maintain these details at the proper levels that encourage the growth of your plants.

Offer your plants the proper amount of light they need

Plants feed on light that offers them the necessary strength to grown and to transport their nutrients so each inch of the plant receives what it needs in order to grow. Greenhouses don’t benefit from sunlight because they are closed spaces so you will have to find a way to offer your plants the light they don’t get from the sun. Led grow lights come to your help and offer you a full spectrum of light that fits every growing stage of the plants. If your plants spend a certain amount of time in led grow lights every day, they will grow big and beautiful as if they would have received light from the sun.

Keep your plants warm

People usually have greenhouses because they want to grow plants all year round, even in the cold season, so the plants must be kept warm when the outside temperatures drop below 0. For this, you will need a type of heater that doesn’t dry the plants or take away their moisture and the best option is an infrared heater. This device creates a pleasant warmth similar to the one sent by the sun so the plants won’t dry due to excessive heat.

Ensure the right level of air humidity

Humidity is vital for the plants because it’s what keeps their leaves moist and allows them to grow. Besides the water they receive in the soil, plants also need moisture from the exterior air. If the air becomes too dry, the plants will be damaged so a humidifier is a must in any greenhouse. In case you don’t want to invest in an expensive humidifying installation, place several humidifiers among your plants to offer them the needed moisture.
In other cases, the plants sweat too much and they add too much humidity to the air, a situation that requires a dehumidifier to absorb the excess moist that would cause the plants to rot. Excessive humidity develops mold that affects the plants and the dehumidifier can be your best ally in adjusting the air humidity to the best level.