Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Best 2016 Leaf Blowers

When you have a yard, you know that you have a big problem with the leaves. Fall in here and your garden will be inundated with leaves. Thankfully, today, you can find on the market plenty of machines which can help you remove any debris. As such, keep on reading, if you want to find out more about the best 2016 leaf blowers.

Ryobi RY40411 leaf blower

The Ryobi RY40411 is a professional leaf blower. Moreover, it is a gas-powered model which delivers 155mph/300 CFM. It has a variable speed trigger for adjustable clearing power which provides you control and mobility. The Ryobi RY 40411 comes with a sophisticated jet fan design powered by a 40-Volt Lithium-ion battery. The good news is that this type of device is working with all Ryobi 40-Volt lithium-ion tools and batteries. However, if you are thinking about buying a Ryobi leaf blower, make sure you check to have 5 years limited warranty.

Toro Ultra Plus 51621 leaf blower

The Toro Ultra Plus blower is one of the most performing electric blowers that you can find on the market. This unit has the ability to help you remove leaves and debris from your gardens and lawn. Nowadays, most gardeners choose to buy this device because it is 3 units in 1: a leaf shredder, powerful blower, and high-speed vacuum. Moreover, it has an oscillating nozzle kit which can sweep air back and forth making a wider blowing path on hardscapes without moving your wrist. Furthermore, if you want to buy the Toro Ultra Plus 51621 leaf blower, you should know that it has features such as multiple tubes for specialized users, oscillating nozzle, shreds-all shred ring, variable speed knob, extension cord storage hook, cord lock system and 2 years full warranty.

Murray MS210 leaf blower

You may find on the market various leaf blowers from different brands, but you need to know that Murray MS210 is one of the best devices recommended for your lawn. This type of leaf blower is coming to a high-performance 25cc and two cycles gas-powered engine which can run up to 210 miles per hour. Moreover, the Murray Select 210 blowers come with a lightweight design, an anti-vibration handle and a cruise control operation which provide you with comfort while you are working. Plenty of people opt to use this device because it can clean, light debris, such as grass clippings and leaves and remove wet yard waste.